Biomega OKO

Sizes: Medium, Large

Colors: White, Silver

Price: $2,699.99

The OKO is a unique, fashionable and high performance bicycle from Biomega that has been designed for those who live a truly urban lifestyle. In-line with Biomega’s pioneering chainless bikes, the OKO caters to the modern traveller by incorporating a super effective electrical power source, meaning longer and more efficient travel. This ambitious expression of Biomega’s ethos combines cutting edge commuter technology with top-end quality design. The ingeniousness of the OKO has only been possible due to the (once again) highly successful collaboration between Danish design group KiBiSi and Biomega – built purely with the commuters sense of tranquility and comfort in-mind.

This bike is made to last – the fully carbon design is super strong, making it a match for the challenges enduring even the toughest of urban environmental. Fitted with integrated front and rear mudguards, the bike incorporates a unique carbon belt drive, replacing the chain altogether. Impressively, the OKO weighs in at just 41 lbs, making it one of, if not the lightest commuter e-bike available on the market today.