GoodTurn Cycles now carries Colorado Glasses sunglasses, a locally owned company that specializes in handcrafted glasses. With each style of glasses named after a Colorado landmark or spectacle (e.g. Red Rocks, Flat Irons, Colorado Blue Sky), Colorado Glasses’s mission is to make high quality products that contribute to Colorado’s outdoor lifestyle and to build a business that can employ and help disadvantaged individuals.

Colorado Glasses understands that individuals sometimes break sunglasses when enjoying the outdoors. Because of this, they uphold an unlimited renewal warranty program where customers can return their glasses at any time for any reason and get a new pair at 50% off. Also, customers can receive one replacement for stolen or lost glasses at 50% off. The founder, Jeremiah Prummer, has created a company that focuses on caring for the community, whether it be by creating handmade, high quality products, maintaining strong customer service, or by providing job opportunities.