Yuba’s founder Ben Sarrazin grew up in France riding and loving bicycles. In his early twenties he travelled to East Africa and Latin America, where he observed how merchants often used bicycles to transport their goods. In areas with dirt roads and unreliable cars and trucks, bikes were the quickest and most reliable method of transportation. Ben realized that a cargo bike would allow people living in remote areas to carry large loads and easily maneuver dirt roads, improving quality of life. With this, Yuba was born, a product of Ben’s passion for bicycles and his desire to help people live a more efficient lifestyle. Named after California’s Yuba River, Yuba’s mission is to create affordable cargo bikes that are easy to maneuver and can carry children and heavy loads.

At GoodTurn Cycles we carry the Spicy Curry electric cargo bike. Designed as a viable alternative mode of transportation, the Yuba allows riders to bike cargo up large hills and over long distances. Its low center of gravity provides a solid platform for any load, whether it be kids, the week’s groceries, or supplies for a camping trip. With four levels of pedal assist, riders can easily haul heavy loads at twenty miles per hour. Various accessories can be put on the back rack, such as a 2’ by 2’ cargo platform, bamboo sideboards, kids’ seats, and handlebars. Whatever the load, the Spicy Curry allows its rider to get outside and bike to where they need to be.

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