Some people who walk into our store will ask, “Electric bikes? What’s the point?” or “Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of bicycling?” Here are five reasons why you could use an electric bike.

  1. Health or physical limitations: Electric bikes can be very helpful for riders who aren’t able or feel intimidated to get out on a traditional bike due to an injury or some other physical limitation. Some riders who haven’t been on a bike in many years use electric bikes to overcome the initial barrier of feeling unstable on a traditional bike. An electric bike can provide just the right amount of assistance to boost the confidence of a rider and provide help when needed.
  2. Commuting: The eBike can also function as a car replacement. With high traffic congestion in all major cities and growing networks of bike paths, an electric bike can be a more enjoyable method of transportation. With an electric bike, an individual can travel far distances quickly without having to worry about showing up to work drenched in sweat. And, by lowering or turning off the assist on the way home, the commute home can double as the rider’s exercise. Also, commuting with an electric bike allows the rider to spend more time outside. Rather than the dreaded commute so many face, the eBike turns the commute to work into a great way to enjoy the outdoors.
  3. Environmental friendliness: Many electric bike owners find themselves taking their e-bike to places they would normally use a car. For example, instead of taking a car to the grocery store, attach a basket to your electric bike and take it to go grocery shopping. So an electric bike can also be one way to reduce air pollution and take care of the environment.
  4. Rider imbalance: Riding bikes is a great way for partners to spend time together. Over time, however, variables such as age, injury, or accidents can make it so one partner is unable to keep up with the other rider. An electric bike can help create balance between riders, allowing the partner to travel the same distances and the same speeds as before. It can allow partners to bike together regardless of ability, and as partners age, can help them ride the same routes that previously proved too difficult.
  5. Fun – Finally, and maybe most importantly, electric bikes are fun. For many riders, the added assistance and extra boost bring a great deal of joy to the bicycling experience. E-bikes allow riders to get back outside and enjoy and make the level of exercise a choice.