While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread and cause disturbances in our lives, many are wondering how to stay active and fit. Gyms, races, and group rides are all closed or cancelled leaving us to our own devices to keep our bodies moving. You may be wondering if it is safe, or even allowed, for you to get on your eBike for a ride. Here are a few answers to those concerns. 


Can I Go Outside?

Indeed you can and are encouraged to keep exercising and taking advantage of the Colorado sunshine…as long as you are not sick and you ride alone. In fact, regular exercise helps to boost immune systems and fight off viruses and other illnesses. No matter where you ride, try to create extra space around others when you are passing and keep time around other trail users brief.

Read specifically how the Colorado State government spells out outdoor recreation here.



Can I Ride With my Friends?

Going outside for a ride is ok, however, riding with others is strongly discouraged. Even on bikes, someone you are riding with could spread the virus within the group. Sneezing, coughing, or spitting while in a group creates the possibility of spread. The best way to mitigate this risk is to practice social distancing by riding solo in open areas. To be extra safe, try to take your rides during times that may not be as crowded.

Here are some resources from our friends are Bicycle Colorado that can help answer questions in more details.


What if we are far apart from one another?



An alternative to riding completely alone is the use of a SENA helmet. These bluetooth enabled helmets allow riders to pair helmets together and allow hands-free communication up to half a mile apart! If you are using these, just make sure to use that long range and keep some space! For more information on SENA helmets check out “Six Feet Apart, but Still Together.”


What about masks?



No matter how you are out riding, it is strongly encouraged that you wear a mask of some sort while in the out-of-doors. Governor Polis addresses this through the Colorado Mask Campaign. This helps to protect yourself and others. Get creative with it and find a Buff or mask that suits your style! For other ideas, check out the Colorado Mask Project. For more reading on why a mask while riding is a good idea, read “Should I wear a Mask While Riding?” from VeloNews.


Where can I ride?



With more and more closures happening around our state, you may be wondering where you can go riding. This is a constantly evolving subject, so it is best to check real-time sources. Most State Parks trails are still open for use, but local trails may have some regulations. Below are a couple resources for our area: 


Jefferson County Trail Alerts & Closures

Boulder County Trail Information


As you can see, it is still very possible to get out and about during this time of Stay-at-Home orders. It is important to take care of yourself during these times. Part of self-care is getting some exercise and Vitamin-D, which going for a bike ride is an easy way to do both! See you out there…but not too close!!


Tyler Burns

Service Technician / Tour Guide