Six Feet Apart, but Together!


Bluetooth enabled helmets allowing riders to keep social distance, but converse comfortably.


With the ongoing spread of Covid-19, many of us are looking for ways to get out and get some much needed exercise and fresh air. On top of this, the longer days, warmer weather and bright sunshine have meant more and more folks are out using the trail systems. Many people are new to the multi-use paths and are not fully aware of the right-of-way regulations in place. For those looking for more information on how to use our trails in a safe manner, check out our blog on “Trail Etiquette.

One tip that seems to cause the most concern for me on the trail is the use of headphones. We all love to get in the zone, put on some tunes, and get our exercise, but having one of our main senses taken away is a worrying hazard on popular pathways. Of course, I have been guilty of using the paths with music blasting to get me through the miles, but I am trying to be more aware and mitigate this risk more and more. At the very least, we should all have one headphone out so we can hear others’ bells and warnings. 


Stay Connected, Aware & Six Feet Apart

However, there is a way to get the best of both worlds. If you see me out riding, you’ll see me sporting a blue helmet, with no headphones but still bobbing my head to the beat. The secret? A SENA helmet! They easily connect to your phone via bluetooth. Equipped with two speakers and a rechargeable battery, these helmets give you the joy of riding along to your favorite songs while still allowing you to hear what is happening around you.



I’ve been using a SENA helmet for a little over a year now and it is hard to use anything else. Like I mentioned, it allows me to feel safe when riding while also listening to my favorite tunes. They are capable of a whole lot more though. I’ve been able to chat with my grandma while riding into work on mornings with no wind noise (thanks to the wind-resistant microphone built into the helmet), stayed informed by listening to the built-in FM radio (thanks NPR) and even chatted with my significant other who also sports a SENA helmet. 

That’s right, they can connect helmet-to-helmet with no other accessories involved. In fact, SENA is a popular product in the motorcycle community, allowing riders to speak to one another hands-free. Once connected, cyclists can chat without having to ride side-by-side….not a bad idea during this period of social distancing! I have ridden with my girlfriend nearly half a mile apart and had no problem hearing one another. It has actually made our rides much more enjoyable…just remember they can hear you when you are cursing them for navigating you to that one steep hill you hate! 



At GoodTurn Electric Cycles, we offer eBike tours of downtown Denver, as well as eMTB tours on the front range. For both of those tours, our guests use the SENA R1 to stay seamlessly connected to their guide throughout their rides. They’ve been a great product for us, and we stand behind them.

All in all, I’ve been very pleased with this helmet and its technology. I, personally, feel much safer when I can use all my senses while riding, and love that I don’t have to give up my joy of riding with music. But for my running miles…I’ll stick to the single headphone method!

Of course, we sell SENA helmets in the shop, and if you want to learn more, check out


Tyler Burns

Service Technician / Tour Guide