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The staple item every mountain biker should carry is their multitool. Multitools allow cyclists to get out of trailside pickles & allow for self sufficiency during emergency situations on the trail. Here are some of the multitools we offer here in the store:  



Looking for a basic multitool for the most basic of repairs / adjustments? Minimalist style with a touch of Colorado with the CO flag displayed on the front.



Basic set of hex wrenches, phillips head, flat head used for basic repairs.



Perfect for the rider who rides with tubeless tires.



Awesome choice for the rider who likes to go on long rides & likes to come prepared. Neal and Christina don’t ride the trails without it!



The most advanced tool used for tubeless tire riders who like to come prepared with everything they could need for a mechanical failure.

eBike Sale!

What better gift than an eBike? Check out these huge savings on 2019 Haibike models.  

SALE - Rental eBikes

2019 Haibike Trekking 2.0 – One Season of Use


Medium and Large Haibike Trekking 2.0 available. One season of rental use.

SALE - Haibike Trekking 2.0

New 48cm & 52cm Trekking 2.0


Whether touring across the country or just across town, the Yamaha PW-SE 250W and 500Wh battery provide the power and range to do so with ease. Suntour’s NEX E25-LO suspension fork with 63mm of travel takes the buzz out of bad roads and paths. When loaded with gear or groceries, the Shimano Deore 10spd shifting with 11×42 cassette ensures that you always have the right gear for the task. Decked out with SKS fenders, XLC rear carrier, and Knog Oi bell, the call of the open road now has a reply.


At GoodTurn Cycles, we offer a wide variety of locks at different levels of safety for your eBike or traditional bike. Consider a burly folding lock or a mini lock and cable from Abus or nut fixes used to secure your wheel and seatpost to the frame of the bike. 

BORDO Big 6000


30cm of extra length, more flexibility: The BORDO™ Big 6000 Folding Lock makes it possible to lock one or several bicycles together even more conveniently. You can count on the picking-resistant ABUS Plus disc cylinder and the 5mm thick foldable bars, which are made of specially hardened steel and are connected with special rivets. A soft two-component coating prevents the lock from damaging the paintwork on your bicycle. Extremely convenient: The BORDO™ Big 6000 Folding Lock is supplied with a coded key – this means that the lock can be ordered keyed alike with other ABUS locks.

BORDO Combo 6100


The ultimate in sturdiness and flexibility: find a reliable companion in the BORDO Combo™ 6100 Folding Lock, which uses a numerical code instead of a key.

Abus NutFix

Price Varies

The NutFix™ Component Security Device provides optimal additional protection for your bicycle’s wheels, making it twice as hard for thieves.

Ultra 410

Price Varies

Small, secure, modern: the Ultra Mini 410 U-Lock provides excellent protection to your high-end bike, even when there is a risk of theft.

Sena Helmet

The R1 and R1 Evo Sena helmet can be used to communicate hands-free with other riders up to a half a mile away. Pair your phone to it and use it for the speaker or to chat with your friends while you ride.

SENA R1 Evo Helmet


Combining technological and safety features, the R1 EVO is an upgrade to the standard cycling helmet. With a host of communication options, built-in audio functions, and a sleek design, this helmet is the right fit for any caliber of cyclist.

  • Mesh Intercom™
  • Voice command controls
  • A built-in taillight, microphone, and speakers
  • Bluetooth® connectivity

SENA R1 Helmet


The R1 Smart Cycling Helmet is a blend of technology and traditional construct, integrating a communication system into the shell of a cycling helmet. Whether you ride alone or in a group, the R1’s features appeal to any class of cyclist.

  • Built-in speakers and microphone
  • Group intercom
  • Phone pairing
  • Engineered for comfort & security

Packs and Accessories

Riding through rainy weather? Need a place to put your groceries? No where to store your water bottle? GoodTurn Cycles has a wide variety of packs and accessories! Check out some of the options we have in store, and come stop by the shop for even MORE options!

Ortlieb Back-Roller High Visibility


The Back-Roller High Visibility is the ideal bike bag for those who prefer the convenience of the roll closure system. The durable, waterproof, dustproof, abrasion-resistant and high quality fabric ensures optimal protection for your gear. Equipped with the sophisticated QL2.1 system with self-closing hooks, the Back-Roller attaches to your bike in a flash. And simply use the easily detachable shoulder strap to carry your bike bag comfortably once you’ve arrived at your destination.

Green Guru FreeRider 31L Pannier


The Freerider is a simple pannier for a lifestyle on the go. When you need to carry your pack, groceries, or gym clothes, this pannier features an open top for convenient loading. Two simple cinch straps keep your belongings secure.

Blackburn Outpost Carryall


An easy to reach, bar mounted feed bag that’s always ready to let you feed your face. Oh, and there’s room for tools, bear spray and wrappers too.

Blackburn Multi-Mirror

$19.99 With a smart universal mounting system, the multi-mirror works with many different handlebars by wedging into the ends of your bars.

Bike Bell

While mountain biking on the front range, it is not uncommon to mountain bike on the same multi-use trails with hikers. Your mountain biker friend will thank you for a bell, so that while ripping down the trails he or she can make themself heard. 

Oi Classic Small Bike Bell


What about the handle-bar cables? No worries. Built into the shape of the mount is a cable management system. So not only does it allow the bell to look and sound uninterrupted, it also helps gather your cables.

Oi Luxe Small Bike Bell


The Oi Luxe is luxe in every sense of the word. Its CNC machined ringer and brass dinger, stitched vegan ‘leather’ shim and metal injection moulded stainless steel make it a pleasure to have on your handlebars.

Timber! Mountain Bike Bolt On Bell


The TIMBER Bolt-On is identical to the original model, except it features a tight, durable mount that won’t spin, shake or rattle on your bars. Similar to a GPS or Garmin mount, the flexible nylon band tightens to your bars with a 5mm hex bolt. The band itself is 31.8 mm diameter, the same as the wider part of your bars near the stem. It also includes a flexible 22.2 mm shim, for mounting your bell securely near your grips, closer to your hands.

Riding Gloves

Gloves are essential to soak up the sweat from the rider’s hands, and help the rider keep traction on the handlebars. They can also provide padding, and help soak up some of the vibrations while riding.

SALE - Specialized Deflect Women's Gloves

$40 : $24

When it’s chilly and windy, it’s hard to do much better than our Women’s Deflect™ gloves. They include a wind-resistant soft shell upper that’s paired with a suede palm in order to provide protection from the elements and a firm, comfortable feel at the bars.

Giro SIV Gloves


The SIV™ Glove offers retro style with modern performance – including an enhanced grip, effective padding, and construction that allows for the natural movement of fingers and joints.

Giro XENA Gloves


The Xena features a wrist closure with an extended cuff for a more secure feel. The thumb and brake fingers have Cool Skin™ panels that offer more comfort and flexibility. And the Super Fit engineered palm is made of supple Clarino™ and tailored to minimize excess material, so you get maximum control and comfort. The Touchscreen Technology also comes in handy, and lets you sort out your digital devices without removing your gloves.


Ride with confidence while commuting or while riding around the neighborhoods at night! A bike light will be a perfect gift for your commuting or night riding friend!

SALE - Blinder MOB Rear Light

$45: 27

By incorporating Chips On Board (COB) LED tech, the USB rechargeable Mr Chips V bike light gives off a superior glow with 120 degree visibility; making sure you are seen not just from the rear, but from the side too. With long run times, a lumen output of 44 lumens at the rear and interchangeable straps, Mr Chips ensures you are well seen from at least 1.2 km away, day and night.

PWR Rider 450 Lumen Light


PWR Rider is a sleek and powerful 450 lumen LED bike light, that can also be used as a power bank (2,200 mAh) for charging USB devices.

Lil' Cobber Front and Rear Light


Lil’ Cobber Twinpack Front and Rear lights produce an incredible 330° of light, so you’ll be clearly seen from all angles. It’s brilliantly effective at attracting attention day and night, so if you’re after the best commuter bike light set of 2020 look no further.

Bicycle Maintenance Supplies

Keep your bike running in tip-top shape with lube, puncture protection, or slime. Check out these perfect practical gifts!

Tannus Armour

Price Varies Based on Size of Insert

Puncture Protection: Armour eliminates 90% of all punctures due to its reinforced sidewall and underside protection. Increased Grip: Run at lower pressures for increased grip in wet conditions and loose rock. Increased Comfort: Armour absorbs vibrations for a smoother, more comfortable ride. Easy Installation: Installing the Armour is as quick and easy as installing a regular tire and is maintenance free. Run-Flat: If you do get a flat tire, you can still ride for a limited period at up to 10km/h without damaging your wheel.

Krank-It Chain Lube - 4oz


  • Chain & Cable Lube
  • Works in all Riding Conditions – Wet and Dry
  • Reduces friction substantially improving pedaling and shifting.
  • Road & Track-MTB-BMX
  • Bio Based Non-Toxic
  • Green Engineered™

Slime Tube Sealant - 8oz


No more flats! Slime Tube Sealant seeks out and instantly seals punctures in your tubes up to 1/8″ (3mm). When a puncture occurs, our patented sealant is carried directly to the puncture. The pressure of the escaping air forces the particles into the opening, where they build up and intertwine to form a long-lasting, flexible plug.

Muc - Off High Performance Waterless Wash


Muc-Off Waterless Wash is a highly advanced, easy to use spray which cleans and polishes in seconds without the need for water. It details your whole eBike, motorcycle or car in seconds leaving behind a streak free shine. Its innovative formula is designed to encapsulate any surface dirt to prevent scratching.

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