At Good Turn we have seen that there is a disconnect with jobs that should be entry level but still require experience.

Jobs180, a nonprofit dedicated to providing on-the-job training and life skills, is a program which allows us to combat that issue by providing work experience to teens who may not have opportunities elsewhere. Our shop is focused on more than just trying to sell a few bikes. We bring in local teens and teach them some job practices that will give them a helping hand as they enter the workforce. Collaboration, problem solving, and financial planning are just a few things our apprentices are able to learn while they help out in the shop. We like to think it’s a pretty fun environment to learn practical skills. We are partnered with Project Recycle, a nonprofit that provides kids with free bicycles, who provides us with donated bikes that we use to train our apprentices on how to maintain and repair bicycles.

Studies have shown that teens need at least 5 adults in their lives to come alongside them and help them grow to be prepared in life. Our employees are able to do just that as they work side by side with the teens not only fixing bikes but talking about life and building relationships with one another. At Good Turn we believe in the power of the local community to affect change in the lives of the youth and we feel our apprenticeship program is the best way to invest in and give back to the community we are a part of. Do you have an old bike that could be used to help train our apprentices? Come stop by the shop today and help us continue to invest in the community!