GoodTurn Cycles was founded in the Fall of 2016 dedicated to not only helping people achieve better health, but also providing job training to young people. Through the E-Bike products we sell, and the services we provide, we improve the health of our local community through cycling. 

But we are much more than the products we sell…

The real differentiator for GoodTurn lies in the second part of our mission: providing job training to young people. 

Through our internship program, we work with young people ages 16-24, with documented barriers to employment, such as mental disabilities, refugee status, emotional disabilities, etc. Our interns are taken through an extensive bicycle mechanics curriculum, and provided one on one throughout their 3 month program.

Creating a lasting impact during this transformative time in an intern’s life, can play a pivotal role in their future employment opportunities. We assist our intern’s in developing the skills necessary to find, contribute-in, and maintain meaningful employment. In our supportive, professional job setting we adhere to the following values. 

  1. We take initiative.

We always make the first move when it’s time to do a task or job that will help the business in some way. Whether it’s sweeping floors, wiping down counters, or brainstorming ways to increase business, we don’t wait to be asked or told. We jump right in. We are always looking for ways to get the job done.

  1. We come ready to work

Early is on time and on time is late. When we show up for work, we are in proper attire and ready to begin the job. We refrain from wasting time, or doing personal business during work hours. When we’re at work, we work.

  1. We come ready to learn.

We desire to improve in our craft and grow in our abilities. We love asking questions of each other and seeking out pro-tips and best practices. We don’t assume we already know everything there is to know, rather, whenever possible, we take the posture of a student. We are teachable and lead-able.

  1. We have positive attitudes.

We know that attitudes are contagious and we choose to spread the good vibes. We are excited about the work we get to do and we do it with a smile. We say, “Oh boy!” and “Can do!”

  1. We are dependable. 

We can be trusted with big and small tasks. You can count on us to show up when we are scheduled or provide advanced notice when emergencies arise. We do what we say we’re going to do, and we follow through on our responsibilities.


Though our internship may, at the surface, seem like a program designed to develop the future bicycle mechanics of Colorado, we are serving a much greater mission than that. Through the technical skills of bicycle mechanics, taught in a professional setting, we equip our interns with transferable skills applicable to more than simply mechanic positions. Those technical skills, paired with the soft skills acquired through meaningful mentorship, prepare our interns for future employment success in whatever field they are passionate about.