Bulls Lacuba EVO Lite


Diamond – 48cm, 53cm

Step-Thru – 45cm, 50cm, 53cm

Wave – 45cm, 50cm

Colors: Black

Price: $4,799

Nearly silent. That’s the feeling. Strong. Powerful. Graceful and silent. The Lacuba EVO LITE is not just the next eTrekking in a long line of best-selling Lacubas. It is the offspring of the T-Rex and Velociraptor.

It has the look, feel, and ride position of a high end eTrekking bike because that’s what it is. But, with the new Brose Drive S Mag (90Nm of torque), it has the muscle of an eMTB, and with the new BULLS Super Core battery (750Wh), it has the stamina to match. A complete trekking companion, it is equipped with rack, fenders, 63mm front suspension and front and rear lights.



Range: 40-100 mi

Battery: 750 Wh

Top Speed: 20 mph

Motor Power: 250 watts

Weight: 55 lbs

Charge Time: 4 hrs

Warranty: 2 yr electronics / 4 year battery / 5 yr frame

Call or visit for additional technical specifications!