Momentum Transend E+

Sizes: S, M, L

Colors: Metallic Black, Cobalt Blue

Price: $2,850

The all-new Transend E+ e-bikes represents a smart transportation solution that’s way more fun than a train or a bus. Featuring our SyncDrive Life motor and an integrated battery pack, it gives you a seamless boost of pedaling power so you can ride farther and faster with less effort. You can choose lower support modes for fitness rides, or more support when you want to get across town without breaking a sweat. The Giant E-bike app makes it easy to access navigation functions, fitness info and support modes. It’s everything you need to make daily transportation the best part of your day.


Range: 30-65 miles

Battery: EnergyPak 375Wh

Top Speed: 28 mph

Motor Power: 250 watts

Charge Time: 3 hours

Warranty: 2 year components, lifetime frame

Call or visit for additional technical specifications!