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Hourly Rentals

*Rate: $30 for the first two hours ($10 for each additional hour).

Cruise the Platte River Trail, go grab a bite to eat in downtown Littleton, or just take a leisurely ride around town on one of our comfort cruisers. These eBikes combine style and comfort with performance and provide that extra boost if you happen to wander too far from home – which is easy to do when you’re having fun!

Bosch Mid Drive Cruiser eBikes

Bosch Performance Line Drive

28″ Wheel – Great for taller riders or those who are comfortable on a bicycle.

Range: 40 – 100 mi

Bike Weight: 58.7 lbs

Max Rider Weight: 275 lbs

Shimano Mid Drive Cruiser eBikes

Shimano STEPS Drive

26″ Wheel – Great for smaller riders or those who are less stable on a bicycle.

Range: 40 – 100 mi

Bike Weight: 54.7 lbs

Max Rider Weight: 275 lbs


*Rate: $50 for half day / $80 for full day (eMTB DEMO pricing)

We are now renting electric hardtail mountain bikes (eMTB) to explore the CO singletrack with ease! Within a short drive of the shop, we have plenty of eMTB friendly singletrack to choose from! Do not hesitate to give us a call for trail suggestions for your comfort level!

Do note that front range trails can be challenging and riders should be aware of inherent dangers of riding on difficult terrain.

Full Suspension eMTB

Full suspension mountain bikes are great for technical dirt trails! If the plan is to navigate trails littered with boulders, roots and drops look no further than this bike. Although not a through and through downhill machine, this bike will get you down the steep front range descents!

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