GoodTurn Cycles Community!

We are so excited that you have supported us in serving young adults from low income families in the Littleton area that have not had success in traditional education and employment models by providing job skills training and mentorship that reveals their inherent self worth. GoodTurn Cycles recently celebrated our 4th year anniversary of serving the community and we want to thank YOU for donating, shopping, and dropping your bike off for service. In light of the Thanksgiving season, we want to show you how your generous support has translated into jobs and success stories for interns.

Young adults in Littleton and surrounding areas, especially those from low socioeconomic families, lack stability, positive role models and employable skills to find, hold and contribute-in meaningful employment. Youth employment rates in our area are decreasing and youth suicide rates are rising. 

What does the job training program entail?

Interns stepping into this role are first taught how to strip a bike down to its bare bones and build it back up from the core. They follow a regimented module learning system and learn how to adjust shifting, brakes, headsets, and more. Interns also learn how to communicate with customers, answer phone calls, and are mentored by the team throughout the course of the 3 months. 

GoodTurn Cycles Pillars

At GoodTurn Cycles we…

  • uncover the inherent dignity of individuals from vulnerable populations.
  • hold ourselves to the highest standards of bicycle sales and service. 
  • are creating and fostering a community of love, service and joy. 
  • care for our employees like family.
  • empower individuals to live a healthy lifestyle that cares for the natural world.
We’ve reached out to prior interns to learn about the impact and importance of our job training program in Littleton, Colorado.


Brandon “Fox” Liddick (she/her)
Fox completed her slightly shortened internship in the Spring 2020. Due to COVID-19 concerns, she was not able to have a complete program. Fox came to GoodTurn through the SWAP program from Eagle Academy in Highlands Ranch. Fox is currently unemployed due to concerns for the health of those she lives with, but is seeking employment in a position she can care for others (or dogs)! When Fox is not working, you will find her drawing, playing video games, writing, creating music, or playing with her dog Olaf! Listen to what Fox has to say about the positive and supportive environment that the team at GoodTurn Cycles fostered!
Tyler O’Neil (he/him)
Tyler completed his internship in the Spring of 2018. He came to GoodTurn through the SWAP (School to Work Alliance Program) from Columbine High School. Tyler now lives and works in Highlands Ranch. When he is not working you’ll find him riding his mountain bike, drumming or playing video games.
Benefits of a paid experience

For many interns, our job training program is a practical experience used to gain interpersonal skills, mechanical competence, and customer service skills. Learning these soft and hard skills is crucial in the employability of young individuals, however oftentimes monetary compensation is needed in return as well. Monetary compensation gives young individuals more of an incentive to apply for our program and often supplies them with the resources needed to provide for themselves and their families. Due to a lack of funding most interns are not able to be paid during their program at GoodTurn. We’ve found that interns that are paid have a much higher “buy-in” to the program and learn how to manage money. With having the dedicated funding to pay all interns, we will have the freedom to recruit from a wider variety of sources, and have a competitive edge over unpaid experiences. This will allow us to increase our impact with each intern, and broaden our impact in our community. 


Please consider sponsoring the interns at GoodTurn Cycles with a tax-deductible donation. We can’t thank you enough for your continued financial support of the vulnerable populations through spreading the love of bicycles.