Do you ever wish you could get out of the traffic on your commute to work and save money?

The yearly cost of operating an electric bike as a main commuter vehicle is significantly less than operating a car. Lets calculate the cost based on a commute of eight miles. Many cars today get an average of around 23.6 miles per gallon. The cost of a gallon of gas today is around $2.50. That means that many cars cost roughly 10 cents per mile to operate. That means commuting 8 miles to and from work costs about one dollar and 6 cents per day. This might not seem like too great a cost but if you work 5 days a week for 11 months then the cost of commuting for a year is $384. Not including the cost of registration, insurance and any repairs.

The cost of operating an electric bike is significantly less. Lets use the vintage electric cafe as a comparison. The cafe has a 699 watt-hour battery which costs only 7 cents to charge based on the kilowatt cost average of 11 cents. With that charged up battery the bike can travel at least 20 miles riding at the top speed of 28mph. That means based on the lowest distance possible it would only cost 6 cents per day to commute to work using the vintage. Per year the bike would cost $14 to operate as a primary commute transportation method. This means that it is 25 times less expensive to use an electric bike as a form of commuter transportation than a car. Also traveling at 28mph on roads or bike paths without traffic the time it takes to commute could easily remain the same.

Get more exercise, remove stress, save money and help the environment. These are all benefits from using an ebike to commute to work.


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