At GoodTurn we find that many people who stop into the shop have never experienced what it is like to ride an electric bicycle. Our desire is to allow everyone the opportunity to ride an ebike and our rental program provides for that desire. We think that a ride on one of our bikes can be a life changing experience even if it is just a short two hour ride around some beautiful scenery. One of the best comments that we received from one of our rental customers was that they felt like a kid riding a bike. No fear about going up a hill and a ride that feels like you constantly have the wind at your back. Thats the kind of ride an electric bike can provide and we believe everyone deserves to have that experience whether or not that have the capability to purchase one of our bikes.

Our rental program begins at $30 for a two hour rental and if you are out riding then you can keep the ride going for an additional $10 per hour. Renting electric bikes is a great activity for family or friends that are visiting from out of town who might not be used to the challenge of the elevation of Denver. Its also a fun and carefree way to enjoy a beautiful weekend in the Denver area.

Stop by the shop today and give our rentals a try!


We are open on an appointment only basis for:

Service drop-off and pick-up

Sales consultations & test rides

To schedule call: 303 795 0411

Rentals available June 1st