GoodTurn Cycles improves the health of our local community through cycling, by selling e-bikes and servicing both e-bikes and traditional bikes.

But we are MUCH more than the products we sell… 

What sets us apart is our mission: to provide job training to young people. 

GoodTurn operates as a nonprofit social enterprise. This means we operate our retail business of selling e-bikes to diversify our income—so we can rely on private donors less. Each dollar of profit that we make at GoodTurn stays in our organization to ensure we continue to provide job training and mentorship to the youth that we serve. 

GoodTurn Cycles Internship Program

We work with 16-24 year olds with barriers to employment through an intensive 3 month bicycle mechanics and mentorship curriculum. We work with our interns to improve and provide: 

  • Skills training. Our interns learn the hard skills of bicycle mechanics through our 11 module curriculum. They learn everything from changing a flat tire, to rebuilding hubs, to truing wheels. With the oversight of their dedicated instructor, our interns refurbish bikes donated to our shop so that they can be resold at a discounted rate. Through that process interns learn how to follow a checklist, how to identify and resolve problems, how to test ride the bike, and ultimately how to prep for resale. 
  • Employability traits. Our interns are exposed to the intangibles of working in a professional work space. They are held to the same conduct standards as our full time employees meaning they are required to show up on time, dress appropriately, and conduct themselves in a professional manner while at work.
  • Mentorship. Along with the hard skills of bicycle mechanics, our participants are paired with an individual mentor who works with them throughout the program. Each intern receives an hour of one-on-one time with their mentor each week. These meetings provide a safe space for interns and mentors to connect about things outside of work. We understand that the young people coming into our program have a lot of things happening in their life, and we feel it’s critical to give them a space and a person to work through that with.
  • Future stability. Our mentors act as more than just a sounding board for our interns. We work through a 10 week mentorship curriculum focused on intern’s next step after the program. Each week we work through a different theme related to employability. We reflect over the week, and discuss instances that relate to each theme.
Why Choose GoodTurn Cycles?

We are trending towards a scenario in which we, operating as a nonprofit, are completely funded through our retail venture! Being fully funded through the support of our loyal customers ensures our longevity and impact in our community. It is because your support, your willingness to choose GoodTurn, that we are able to continue to serve our local youth!