Riding a bike is one of life’s great pleasures.


GoodTurn Cycles is a Nonprofit Social Enterprise

We love eBikes because they make cycling accessible to all. But we’re so much more than the product we sell. GoodTurn Cycles is a nonprofit social enterprise. Through a program called JOBS 180, our store provides job training to young people facing challenging circumstances. People accepted into the apprenticeship program receive training in bicycle mechanics, retail, customer service, and life skills.


At GoodTurn Cycles, we are passionate about investing in people in every facet of our organization. When you bring your bike to GoodTurn Cycles for any service or repair, you are directly supporting our job training program




For many, an eBike allows individuals who are no longer able to bike long distances or up hills to get back on the bike. With the assistance of the lithium ion battery-powered motor, the rider can rely on the motor whenever the strain of the ride is too much for the body. Whether an individual is limited by age, illness, or disability, the eBike can help provide a healthy lifestyle in which they can get outside and exercise while protecting their body.

The Economics Of An eBike

Do you ever wish you could get out of the traffic on your commute to work and save money? The yearly cost of operating an electric bike as a main commuter vehicle is significantly less than operating a car. Lets calculate the cost based on a commute of eight miles....

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Why Are eBikes So Expensive?

A quick google search for e-bikes reveals bikes priced anywhere from $300 to $10,000. So why are some electric bikes more expensive than others? Without a doubt, the costliest single item on an electric bike is the battery. Premium lithium ion batteries on e-bikes...

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Are Electric Bikes Even Legal? Regulations For eBikes

Are electric bikes allowed everywhere that traditional bikes are allowed? Are they even legal? What are some of the laws that govern e-bikes? Electric Bikes have the same rules and regulations as standard bicycles and are not subject to registration, licensing, or...

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